Sextoys365 Beginners Guide to Lingerie

Picking the right lingerie takes time. There are many things you need to consider when looking for lingerie for you; this includes:


Satin, cotton, and silk are the most popular lingerie material. Some lingerie is made from human-made materials like spandex and nylon, and these are cheap. But, synthetic material must be worn minimally because there are health problems about these materials. Lace lingerie is also common due to its sophisticated look which oozes demure sexuality.

Picking the right material is reliant on how often you plan to use the lingerie. Comfortable and breathable material is highly recommended for daily use.


Black, red and pink are the common popular colors of lingerie. Today, lingerie is worn for self-pleasure and meaning there is a wide array of color available so you can choose the best one for you. The combinations of color differ from piece to piece, making sure that you’ll always get something which will make your eyes pop.


Poorly fitting lingerie beats the reason for wearing it. There are places which provide free measurement service to help you know your size. Take benefit of this chance, and you’ll never purchase anything which does not fit anymore. Once the lingerie hugs the right places, there’s no risk of you feeling like you should not have put it on. So, get the right measurement, and none of your purchase will disappoint you once more.

Pattern Design

Fabric pattern makes a difference in lingerie. There are see-through materials which have strategically placed opaque styles which cover the right places. Solid color lingerie looks classy and old school sophisticated, but one that has a pattern might take the outfit from smoking hot to sexy. Choosing design might be daunting, but worthwhile if you get the best one.

Other factors

Jewels, zips, chains, bows and many others are other features which take the lingerie to a higher level. The exceptional features differ from lingerie to lingerie. However, one thing is for sure, and there’s no limit when it comes to creativity.

Types of Lingerie Available

Black Lace Halter Neck Open Cup Bra And Thong

Halter Neck Bras

This type of bra is tie around the back of the neck. But, likely to provide a bit more support and lift as compared to a halter top. This bra is versatile and works ideally with tops and sleeveless dresses. A halter neck bra is ideal for ladies with smaller chests.

Detailed Crotchless GString Pink


This kind of underwear is sexy at the same scandalous. A lot of ladies have worn this at one point or another. A thong is a great choice if you don’t mind the uneasiness of the small string, and look great on ladies with toned, round behinds.
Corsetti Constance Lace Chemise


Popularly called as chemises, this is the most popular type of lingerie today. Usually, it covers the torso, chest as well as the top of a lady’s thighs. Like other kinds of lingerie, slip is relatively versatile. It can be utilized as a nightgown or under clothes for a specific slinky dress. This is sexy as well.
Leg Avenue Deep V Floral Lace Teddy UK 8 to 14


If you are tired of wearing bra and panty if you want to seduce your partner, then why not opt to a bodysuit.

This is not essentially the friendliest choice unless you consider the crotchless bodysuit.

Black Floral Suspender Belt With Stockings

Suspender Belt and Garter

These are worn as one, and able to hold thigh high stocking. Often, they accentuate a woman’s hips and waist and are likely to work well with ladies with slender legs. There are garters and suspenders which are made to work well with thicker leg builds too.

Cottelli Collection Black Half Bra Set

Cupless Bras

Popularly known as bondage bras or open-front brads, cupless bras provide lift but fast access for playtime. This is no made for modest or worn under your clothes as a typical bra would be. This is almost meant solely for playtime.

Another type of bra which fits in this classification is half cup bra which is ideal for ladies with big bust and needs an extra lift.

Cottelli Collection Black Half Bra Set

Window Briefs

This is a kind of underwear which comes with panels of transparent or sheer material, offering a playful peek into what is happening underneath. Often, these kinds of lingerie may eschew material altogether, choosing cutouts instead. There are many diverse types of window briefs like peekaboo cuts.
Passion Hana Corset Red


Bustier has been known since then. Ladies in Europe in the 16th century have been using this type of lingerie to trip their waistline and give boobs a lift.

In general, some bustiers come with built-in bras. Virtually everyone out there knows that these lingerie items look like, and could show to their sex appeal.

Bustiers are ideal regardless of the body type, but they are particularly useful for women who want to look just a bit curvier. Bustiers don’t cinch waists; rather sit snugly enough which you might think otherwise.

Passion Zoja Corset Black


This looks like a bustier, but there is one significant disparity between these two. Not like bustier, corset does cinch the waist. Often it will have steel boning instead of plastic material which is common in a bustier.

In general, a corset is the toughest, rugged and likely to have a more pronounced visual effect on the looks of the wearer. Thus, this works very well with ladies with a pronounced waist.

Black Fishnet Stockings With Oval Seem

Thigh Highs

Instead of being utilized for usual clothing needs, this s almost always regarded as lingerie instead of daily wear hose. This simply because of the reason that they are often fetishized, and due to the fact which they are likely to make it simple for the man to access specific parts of a lady’s body. This is usually worn with suspenders as well as garters, most especially if the wearer has thicker legs. The only setback with this type of stocking is that it tends to glide or slip down the legs and which could make it stressful to wear If you’re searching for daily lingerie wear, you might not need one accompanied by all the bells and whistles. But, if you want to make a statement, then choose the bolder one.